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A successful move starts with solid planning and selecting the right movers. The first thing you should do is arrange to meet with a professional moving consultant who can help plan your move.

Our consultants are trained to assist you with every aspect of your relocation. They can discuss ways you can save money. They will provide you with a timetable of what you should be doing to prepare for the move, and when you should be doing it. They will provide you with an accurate idea of what your move will cost. Get a free, no obligation consultation and estimate and our consultant will bring you 10 free boxes!


Typical lead-time for a move is anywhere from 10 to 90 days.; Planning and organization play key roles in a successful move, as does your mover. At Bekins, we believe that you will find moving with us to be a well-organized, efficient experience and we've created this site to help you along. You'll find many of the answers to your questions about what needs to be done to prepare yourself and your family; a packing guide, tips for a smooth moving day, and detailed information about the many services Bekins Van Lines and Pacific Storage Company offers to ensure that you're satisfied and relatively stress-free. We believe that by arming you with the necessary information, you and your family will be able to make sound decisions about your move and your movers.

We're confident that the more you know about moving, the more you'll want Bekins movers.

  • Preparing Months Ahead
  • Loading and Moving Day
  • Delivery Day
  • Getting Your Kids Ready
  • Packing Your Items
  • Preparing Your Pets