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About Pacific Storage

Pacific Storage Company origins date back to 1856, when it was known as Pacific Leather Tannery. Charles and Jacob Wagner, both attracted to California from Germany during the Gold Rush established the tannery business. At the time, it was one of Stockton's largest employers, and occupied an entire square block of the city.

The tanning industry grew to such an extent in the Orient that it caused a sharp decline in operations at Pacific Tannery in the middle of the 1920's; and it ceased its operations.

In 1928 the Company moved into the commodity storage business and changed its name to Pacific Storage Company. We then started to move and warehouse furniture, and became a Bekins Moving & Storage agent in 1932. We are currently the second oldest and third largest Bekins agent in the United States, with warehouses in Northern California.

In 1965 we entered the record storage business as well. We have steadily increased the type of service offerings, which now includes not just paper storage, but media storage, along with document shredding and document imaging. To better reflect the myriad of product and service offerings, the name of the record storage division has changed to Pacific Records Management, with locations in Sacramento.

Pacific Storage Company, offering both moving and storage and records management still occupies part of the original tannery site, including a four story structure which is now the corporate headquarters and a warehouse for business record storage facilities.
Pacific Storage Company was founded with an old truck and a marvelous dream. The old truck is long gone, but the dream still lives on.

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